Best Financial Websites: Learn How to Invest Your Money

Best Financial Websites

Keeping up with the best financial websites is something that I have been committed to since I graduated college. I’m a life long learner, and definitely have the frugal gene. Ever since I was a kid I was doing everything I could to save money. Once I graduated college and was on my own it became that much more important.

My finances were completely in my hands.

There are so many things I had to learn pretty quickly and I made a few mistakes at first (here is a post of the best budget tips I have for recent college graduates or anyone moving out on their own for the first time). I made it my mission to save as much money as I could and I have found a few websites to help me do just that. Without further adieu here is my list of the best financial websites to DIY your own finances.

I Will Teach You to be Rich

Best Financial Websites_I Will Teach You to be Rich

Ramit Sethi’s book by the same name is the first book I read after graduating college. I did not want to be caught off guard with any financial struggles right after graduation. The book was a great overall read covering many topics in personal finance.

Sethi is a big proponent for handling your finances yourself and doing so wisely. His book was valuable and entertaining. His blog is the same way. He keeps his website full of up to date financial information in plain English. I always recommend his book and blog to friends who are just starting out in their personal finance journey since it covers many different topics in a fun, conversational tone. I love keeping up with his blog to see what new tips he has to offer.

Nerd Wallet

Best Financial Websites - Nerd Wallet

Nerd Wallet is one of the best financial websites when it comes to finding ways to save money. Whenever I need to do research on a credit card or bank I turn to this website. They constantly come up with updated lists of the best rates and deals.

If you are looking to compare different credit cards or bank accounts, this is the place to go. I recently used this website to find some of the best online savings accounts out there. So if you just want a simple website to find “the best of” or to compare, this is the place to go. It is so simple with straight forward information. Great resource.


Best Financial Websites_Investopedia

Investopedia is one of the best financial websites because of the up to date financial news and references guides. Don’t let the fancy Wall Street terms confuse you – it is also a great place to find definitions for financial terms.

It is also loaded with handy informational guides. Are you a beginner and want to learn about stocks? Here is a basic tutorial for what you need to know. Once you have learned the basics you can test your knowledge with their stock simulator. A great way to learn how to invest without losing money.

Yahoo Finance

Best Financial Websits_Yahoo Finance

Yahoo Finance is one of the best financial websites when it comes to finding out all information about particular stocks as well as news about the financial climate.

Markets change everyday, and Yahoo Finance is the best financial website to keep up with the times. It is also a valuable resource to find out all the small details about a stock. Before buying a stock you should do research about the company and the stock – this is the best place to do it. The also have a Money Basics section that is worth a read.

The Bottom Line

With so much information out there it can be overwhelming to find credible and straight forward resources. These four should be the best financial websites to start your personal finance journey or even to continue learning if you have been doing it a while.

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