Subscription Beauty Boxes: Are They Really Worth It?

subscription beauty boxes

If you have never tried one before, you are probably wondering if subscription beauty boxes are worth it. In the past few years it seems like every kind of subscription box has developed, but beauty boxes have been out there for a while.

I was subscribed to Birchbox for years, but cancelled after constantly having to change the address since I was moving around a lot for college. Then, about a year and a half ago I subscribed to Ipsy.

If you cannot tell already, my answer is a yes. I love subscription beauty boxes. And I will give you four reasons why they are worth the $10 below.

Where I Get Most of My Makeup

I would estimate that I get about 60% of the makeup that I use on the daily basis from my Ipsy bag. I use the make up that much. I get tons of make up essentials, like cool new mascaras to classic black liners. I believe $10 is completely worth it, I could barely get one piece of make up for that even at the drugstore, and these are name brands.

Travel Size

Another advantage to subscription beauty boxes is that they are travel size. The benefit to this is two fold. One, they are the perfect size for traveling. Also, this little size is just enough. We might deny it to ourselves, but makeup does go bad. In fact you are supposed to get rid of mascaras every three months. Who could use a full tube in that short period of time? I get bored with things very easily, so the small travel size is just perfect enough for me to get use out of, without wasting money.

Find New Products

I’m not one to test the waters too much. I find things I like, and tend to stick with them. But new makeup is fun to try, so I am glad to have Ipsy to help get me out of my comfort zone. I have found so many amazing products, sometimes from brands I have never even heard of. Without Ipsy I probably never would have stumbled across these products, so I am super thankful for that.

“Treat Yo’self”

One of the things I love most about my subscription beauty box is all the fun things I get and being able to look forward to getting it every month. From fun nail polish colors to glitter eyeliner, I really enjoy seeing all the quirky products that month. I’m also not one to buy things like face masks or hair oils, so I get all the products I need to pamper myself in my Ipsy box.

Ipsy Bonus

One thing Ipsy does differently is that it isn’t a box. It’s a bag. These cute little travel bags get use from me. They are great for traveling or keeping in your purse. I love that they can serve another purpose after they’ve brought you all your products.

My April Bag

Wanna see an example of what to expect? Below is my April bag!

First of all, the bag is so cute! My favorite products so far are definitely the TONYMOLY LipCare Stick and the OFRA blush. Can’t wait to try that beautiful light pink polish as well.

Bottom line

For $10, I get most of my staple pieces of makeup, some fun pieces, and without wasting product/money and huge containers. Plus it’s a great little surprise every month. If you are thinking of subscribing, I highly recommend an Ipsy subscription.

Do you participate in any subscription boxes? If so what do you like/not like about it?

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