How to Plan Your Dream Closet with Pinterest

Dream Closet with Pinterest

Why Pinterest Will Help Your Dream Closet

The most helpful tool I have found in planning my dream closet has been my Pinterest page. I have always loved Pinterest, it is one of the best catch all kind of websites to not only save links you want to keep, but to also explore.

Make a Dream Closet Inspiration Board

One of the most effective ways to use Pinterest is to start a board and start pinning outfits or pieces you find that you love. Start by searching some styles you know you like. For me it is things like halter necklines, wrap tops, ankle boots, etc. Once you have a few different styles in there that you like, you can click on the pins that you have already pinned and see the suggested and related pins. This is an easy way to find even more ideas that might be your style in your dream closet. If you want to see an example you can go to my Pinterest page here

After you’ve pinned a few dozen ideas, you should be able to scroll through your Pinterest board and identify patterns. As you can tell by my example above, I am really into white peplum tops and skinny jeans. Whether it be colors, styles, or fabrics. You might even be able to see some that don’t match and question yourself to see whether that is part of your style. Don’t be afraid to delete things! I had a running Pinterest board for outfits that I had been pinning to for years. I went through and refined my style even more by deleting things that just didn’t make sense for my new style. As you start to look around and shop your style will get more and more defined.

Create a Personal Lookbook

Another way I use my Pinterest is a way to store my own personal lookbook. This may sound fancy, but I promise it is really simple. I am not some fashion blogger that has someone take pictures of my outfits with some beautiful backdrop behind me. What I am talking about are mirror selfies. Anytime I get dressed up I snap two pictures in the mirror – one front view and one of the side. From there I use a picture editing app (I use Layout from Instagram) to put the two pictures together. Then I add them to my Outfit Gallery Pinterest board. I’ve made this a secret board, meaning that only I can see the photos. If you want to make it public, go for it! But for me, a secret Pinterest board was the best choice. I didn’t really like the idea of having strangers see my mirror selfies.

Why I Love This Idea

This idea has helped me so much. I have a growing collection of pre-picked, go-to outfits. I use Pinterest because it is a tool I can access from anywhere, and I can delete the photos afterwards so that they are not taking up space on my phone. Going through the board and seeing outfit combinations I forgot about is a lot of fun. It is also a great way to be able to show your friends the outfit you might be thinking about wearing for a certain event. Sometimes I even take pictures of outfits before I wear them. I might get home after doing some shopping, try on the clothes, and have a little photoshoot and upload a handful of pictures at one time.

Pinterest is my most helpful tool when it comes to shopping for clothes and picking out outfits, and those are my two best tips for how to use it.

Hope this has helped, and if you have any tips or posts about how you use Pinterest I would love to hear about them. 

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