The Most Effective Way to Avoid Procrastination (That You Might Not Like)

Avoid Procrastination

Have you ever wished you would stop putting off your goals? Maybe it is going to the gym, reading more, keeping a clean house, or taking time to meditate. For me it is writing. Don’t get me wrong, I like writing. But the thought of writing? Not as appealing as watching Netflix or hanging out with friends.

Many people say that putting on your shoes is the hardest part of working out. How many times have you actually just made yourself do the “dreaded” task at hand and it wasn’t that bad, maybe it was even enjoyable? For whatever reason, we forget this feeling and will continually put off tasks, when we could have already completed them and forgotten the bad feelings. Here are a few tips to get rid of that feeling and procrastination for good.

Just Do It

It is time to take a cue from Nike and “just do it”. It takes about 30 days to form a habit, so if you can put in the extra effort for 30 days it will get easier moving forward. So next time you are contemplating whether or not you should do what you need to do or save it for later, pick now. Actively trying to put that feeling of dread out of your mind will help, too. When you feel that start to cloud your mind jump into the activity so you can forget it.

Make it Part of Your Routine

It can also help you to make it part of your routine. Maybe you do it first thing after waking up, or once you get home from class or work. Find a time for you that works and tell yourself you have to do it. No excuses. After a couple of weeks it will feel normal, and after a month it will be habit.

Keep Accountable

This is all easier said then done, of course. If you need the extra push, then join or create an accountability group. This is a group of people that get together to work towards a similar goal. If you have trouble motivating yourself to go to the gym, then find a workout buddy. If you need to make yourself spend more time working on your side hustle, find a group of other people with similar goals and sit down together regularly and just work. Having a place to go with other people who have the same desire to achieve their goals as you do can be very motivating. Especially if they call you out when you don’t show up. Peer pressure is a powerful force, so why not use it to your advantage?

Have Visual Reminders

Sometimes the most powerful motivator is a visual reminder of what it is you want to achieve. Keep motivation boards or quotes in a place you can see them everyday. Write down your goals every morning to reinforce your commitment. Visualize how your life will be once you achieve these goals. Let all of your dreaming be a self-fulfilling prophecy. There is power in positive thinking.

The Bottom Line

The most effective way to avoid procrastination is to forget your dread and do the task you need to do. It will be hard at first, but after a month it will become habit. Most of the time the worst part is not even completing the task, but the sense of anxiety we feel when thinking about it. Work towards putting those negative thoughts out of your head and do the task before you can think about it too much. If you need the extra push, join an accountability group of like minded people who will motivate you to do your work. You can also create a motivation board or keep a journal of motivational quotes to keep you going.

Do you use some of these tips already? If not, what is your best tip to stomp out procrastination?

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