The Simple Tip You Can Use to Spend Less Money Each Month

Spend Less

How to Spend Less

It is always a goal of mine to spend less. But when it comes to overspending, I am horrible. I am not a big item spender, but instead I buy tons of little things so that all my expenses creep on me slowly and it’s a big problem before I even realize it. Yikes. However, I have developed a system to cut my costs and so far I actually have money left over in my bank account at the end of the month to move over to savings. So what is this magic tip to spend less? Make a wish list.

Make the List

Instead of impulse shopping, make a list of all the things you have been thinking about buying and the prices and wait a couple of days. If you are a frequent Amazon shopper you can create a digital wish list of things you find. Not only will this conveniently save all the links in one place, but Amazon will tell you when the price goes down. So add something, wait a little bit, see if you still want it, and the price might even be lower than it initially was and you will spend less than you would have had you bought it impulsively. Score!

Wait, Then Re-evaluate

After waiting a while you might find that you didn’t even really want it that bad, and you don’t even buy it. This prevents buyers remorse big time. What about the things that you still get excited about just seeing them on your list? Buy them! First, go through the list and pick the top items that will still fit in your budget. If there is something at the bottom of your list that you didn’t have money for that month, move it to the next. If you really want it you will be able to wait.

The Bottom Line: You Will be More Satisfied and Have Less Stuff

If you do buy an item you will value it more. You waited, decided you really wanted it, and now you can enjoy it. Ta da! You spend less while being happier with your purchase. Plus you will have less clutter in your life. This is something I have been working on seriously. I buy things because I want them in that moment, but later I forget about it and it just takes up space in my already tight apartment. Save your money for things you really want and you will be happier. It is that simple.


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